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How do you capture someone’s imagination? 

How can you make them feel a part of an environment? 

How can you mentally transport them if physically they remain still? 

How can a place encourage someone to learn and gain new understanding?

These are just a few of the questions we ask ourselves when we start each new project — the same questions we’ve been asking since we started business in 1970.

We began creating scenery and staging for theater: drama, ballet, and opera.  Today our work can also be found in museums, cultural centers, film and television sets, corporate displays and exhibits, and other themed environments.

To these clients, we bring three core competencies:

  • We know how to translate words off a page into three-dimensional space.
  • We know the meaning of opening night: we always meet deadlines, no exceptions.
  • We know our trade; we are serious craftspeople.

Quinlan Scenic Studios is a cohesive, multi-disciplined team of scenic and fine artists and skilled craftsmen.  We work in every type of medium including castings, molds, fiberglass and various resins.  We have the expertise to take your project totally in hand, or provide specialized services such as concepts, design, manufacturing, installation, repairs, and storage.

We are proud of our reputation as a professional single-source team capable of meeting today’s innovative and demanding design and production needs.  Most of all, we care about how good our work is, how we can make things better, and how happy the client is with the final product.  We care and it shows.


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